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Sunny & Penny

About Me:


7 Months






White, Tan, & Brown


Guinea Pigs

Adoption Fee:

$45.00 for pair

Sunny and Penny are super sweet, social little ladies. They're under a year old and love to spread cheer with their little squeaks! They are such pretty, friendly little ladies. Guinea pigs are great pets, but they have very specific care needs that must be taken care of for them to live happy and healthy lives! Make sure you are committed to meeting these requirements if you are thinking of adopting from us!

- They must have a large, clean cage with solid floors and either shredded paper bedding or fleece covering them (wood bedding can cause respiratory illness). Guinea pigs love to roam and explore, so they require lots of space! It is important to note that they do not climb, so they must have a large horizontal area to play in every single day. Most cages sold at pet stores are much too small for them, so we suggest that you plan to build your own or find the biggest one possible. In addition to a large area, you will have to give them lots of guinea pig-safe toys to play with to keep them occupied and content. Contact us to get a list of appropriate enrichment ideas and cage recommendations!

- They must have a good quality pellet that contains added Vitamin C, with no dried fruit, nuts, seeds, colored bits or processed sugary treats. Ingredients like these pose a choking hazard and can also cause illness due to an imbalanced diet. Vitamin C is vital for these little ones as their bodies cannot produce it! We like to feed our guinea pigs Oxbow brand guinea pig food because it is free from all of the above dangers! Spending a bit more money for good food will save in vet bills later!

- They need to have unlimited timothy or orchard grass hay and fresh veggies every day. Feeding a guinea pig isn't cheap! The hay helps keep their teeth from over growing and the veggies provide enrichment and the necessary Vitamin C! We have a piggie-safe food list for you to take home!

- They require vet care. While they don't need vaccinations, they can become ill or have injuries. They need care just like a dog or cat! We can point you in the direction of an exotics vet if you don't have one already!

- They are fragile animals, therefore children must be supervised while handling them.

- We do not adopt out small animals to homes with unfixed animals of the opposite gender. If you feel you are an exception to this, please talk with staff about your situation!

Call or e-mail us today to for more information about adopting me!

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