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Adoptions are by appointment only at this time. Check out our available pets on or Call or e-mail the shelter to set up a time to come and meet them and all of our available animals. Fill out the adoption paperwork, and take home your new best friend!

Our adoption process is quick and simple:

1. Set up an appointment to come and meet our animals when you are ready to take a pet home. We do not "hold", make waitlist, or do pre-adoption fee pay to secure animals, however we can set up an appointment for a specific animal same or next day and we'll make sure that animal is in shelter for you to meet. You can also set up an appointment to meet everyone that is currently available and let the "pet pick you". We ask that if you find a good fit, that you are prepared to complete the adoption process at that time and take home your new pet that same day. Please refrain from scheduling meet & greet/adoption appointments until you are ready to take home your new pet.

2. Meet the animals and discuss with our shelter coordinators to find the perfect fit for your home.

3. Fill out the Adoption Application and Microchip Registration Form. You can do this in advance, but it is not necessary, and a prefilled out application does not "hold" a specific animal. We have applications available at the shelter or your can find them here: Adoption Application Microchip Registration Form

4. Pay the adoption fee. We accept cash or credit/debit card. We no longer accept checks for the adoption of animals.

5. Go over your new family member's medical chart, current diet, and history with a shelter coordinator. We will send home a take-home bag of the food they are currently eating. Dogs will be sent home with a new collar with all their important tags attached and a leash.

6. Bring home your new best friend! We require all cats & small animals (birds, guinea pigs, etc) to leave the shelter in a pet carrier- boxes, laundry baskets, etc do not meet this requirement.

All of our adoptable animals are:

  • Spayed/Neutered- cats, dogs, rabbits

  • Started on age appropriate vaccinations

  • Dewormed

  • Flea/tick/earmite prevention started

  • Tested for FeLV, FeLV/FIV, Heartworm

  • Heartworm prevention started- dogs

  • Microchipped- cats, dogs, rabbits

What To Bring:

  • Form of Payment (cash or credit/debit card). We do not accept checks for adoptions.

  • Photo ID

  • Pet Carrier (if applicable). All cats and small animals (birds, rats, guinea pigs, etc) must leave the shelter in an appropriate pet carrier.

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