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How Else Can You Help BRHS?

In addition to monetary donations, BRHS also participates in other opportunities that go towards supporting our facility, community, and animals! Donations can be dropped off anytime during our staffed hours in our breezeway or lobby. You don't need an appointment to drop off donations.

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Donate Items

We use many items on a daily basis to assure the animals get the care they need while waiting for their forever home. We welcome donations of towels and bedding, small animal cages, crates and carriers, small animal food, canned pet food, unused animal medications supplies for animals, cleaning supplies (non-carpet), dog/cat shampoo, etc.  Our most heavily used items are:

  • Paper Towels

  • Liquid Bleach- 5% Sodium Hypochlorite or higher. We can NOT use "low splash" or "No Splash", as it does NOT sanitize/disinfect. If the % is not listed, it is likely less than required for our use.

  • Laundry Detergent

  • AMMONIA FREE Glass Cleaner

  • Dish Soap

  • Hand Sanitizer

  • Cat Litter

  • White Printer Paper

  • Dry Erase Markers and Sharpies

  • Small Animal Food/Treats/bedding (Care Fresh or other paper-based bedding). No cedar chips, please. 

  • Canned Animal Food

  • Pet Food- we accept any brand. Open is fine but food must be in its original container so we can access the expiration date/lot number in case of recalls.

  • Heavy Duty Leashes

  • Collars (All Sizes)

  • KURANDA** Beds or PVC Beds

  • First-Class and Postcard Postage

  • Gift Cards from HyVee, Walmart or Runnings

Online Wishlists

Check out our various online wishlists! Items on these lists have been specifically added to meet our shelter's current needs.



Kuranda Shelter Beds:

HyVee Receipts

Collect, Then Donate Your Hy-Vee Receipts!

This program is simple and based on the collection of Brookings Hy-Vee receipts.  Just save your receipts and turn them in to the Brookings Regional Humane Society.  For every $200,000 in receipts that we submit to Hy-Vee, they give us a check for $1,000!   

Start saving your receipts today and drop them off at the BRHS! 

P.S. Remember that Hy-Vee Pharmacy and Hy-Vee Gas receipts count, too!  Please note that this applies only to Brookings Hy-Vee receipts. 

Thank you, Hy-Vee, and all of our receipt donors!

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